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ensemble neo celebrated 17 years at the forefront for contemporary chamber music in 2023. The internationally acclaimed ensemble has since the start aimed to be a distinctive voice on the Swedish contemporary music scene. Today the ensemble is the only one of its kind in Sweden, being charged with promoting contemporary art music on a national basis. ensemble neo continuously commissions new works and collaborates with both younger and more established composers, nationally as well as internationally and has premiered over 400 works. ensemble neo performs contemporary music at the highest international level, in a manner which is both exciting and which reaches out to newcomers as well as to experienced listeners. The ensemble has quickly become an essential force in Swedish music life, always stirring and challenging.

Norbotten NEO provide absolutely outstanding performances, doing full justice to this remarkable music, and the recording quality is everything one has come to expect from BIS.

Ivan Moody, Grammophone

These works not only make high technical demands on the musicians, who prove with their largely flawless playing how intensively they took care of the development. 30/30

Christoph Schlüren, Klassik Heute

This is fantastic artistry and an absolutely outstanding performance by the NEO group from Piteå. 5/5

Camilla Lundberg, DN

Norrbotten NEO is alluring and astonishing. 5/5
Camilla Lundberg, DN

Lantern Lectures is an involving listen – especially in this virtuoso account from Norrbotten NEO.
Guy Rickards, Gramophone

As a nearly lifelong aficionado of Mr. Reich’s music, I believe these performances are among the best – and to these ears in most instances *the* best – of these works I’ve ever heard.

Matthew Mirapaul, reporter at NY Times

Grammophone chooses Citadel of love as one of their favourite recordings in 2023!

Živković’s remarkable music combines a spiritual trajectory with a genuine musical dramatic sense in a truly unique fashion. Citadel of Love uses extended performance techniques to create quite amazing musical landscapes that describe a spiritual journey, and Norbotten NEO’s playing is attentive to every detail of this complex but extremely direct music.

Ivan Moody, Grammophone

Media in front

Re:Take New Sweden

Conductor: Rei Munakata

Ylva Lund Bergner: Tough Jewel-E (2018)
Kim Hedås: Stills (2020)
Jenny Hettne: Stimme aus der Ferne (uruppförande)* (2021)
Karin Rehnqvist: Musik i natten (uruppförande)* (2021)
Andrea Tarrodi: Crystallites (2012)
Madeleine Isaksson: Capsuled time (uruppförande)* (2021)

Recorded in Studio Acusticum, Piteå, March 10th, 2021

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