Citadel of love

Serbian-Swedish Djuro Živković has quickly established himself as one of Europe’s leading young composers. His musical style is strongly marked by Byzantine Orthodox music – spiritual, mystical and characterized by fantastic narration, virtuosic instrumentation and a stylistic, highly profiled sound. Živković’s music presents a profound and abstract space to reflect on the subject matter of mystery, ecstasy and transcendence.

Lantern lectures

Klas Torstenssons Lantern Lectures were composed in the aftermath of his opera The Expedition, about an ill-fated journey to the North Pole. While occupied with the opera he had received commissions from several different ensembles, and he therefore decided to write a cycle of works for these ensembles – compositions to be performed separately or as ‘movements’ forming a greater whole. The four lectures portray fundamental elements and phenomena in Nordic nature: bedrock with stratified memories of it’s violent origins (Solid Rocks I & II), traces of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and potholes, cylindrical holes drilled into the bedrock under glaciers (Giant’s Cauldron). They all involve 12 to 15 players, and are connected by Brass Links, brief interludes for trumpet, horn and trombone.

New Sweden Anniversary 2009-19

Since 2009, Norrbotten NEO has annually produced concerts entitled New Sweden. Originally, New Sweden was a settlement along the Delaware River in North America, from 1638-55. In Acknowledgment of the first settlers mindset, the New Sweden project strives to honor pioneers who break new musical ground.

Jacob Kellerman

When guitarist Jacob Kellermann and conductor Christian Karlsen devised the programme of this recording, one inspiration was the legendary jazz album Sketches of Spain on which Miles Davis performed arrangements of Spanish folk music, along with a version of the Adagio from Joaquín Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez.

4X Anders Eliasson

Specializing in contemporary music, the seven members of Norrbotten NEO have devised a programme that includes the first recordings on CD of Notturno and the Trio for violin, vibraphone and piano, and at the same time offers the possibility of following a unique voice in contemporary music over the course of four decades.

Fredrik Hedelin Ritournelles

New Sweden Empreintes Digitales

Steve Reich

New Sweden Diptychon