New sweden 10th Anniversary

Since 2009, Norrbotten NEO has annually produced concerts entitled New Sweden. Originally, New Sweden was a settlement along the Delaware River in North America, from 1638-55. In Acknowledgment of the first settlers mindset, the New Sweden project strives to honor pioneers who break new musical ground. In this project Norrbotten NEO pinpoints works and composers that have a unique and personal voice at the frontline of the Swedish contemporary music scene. The composers selected work closely with the ensemble before theirs works meet the audience. In 2024 there will be no New Sweden but ensemble neo will come back with a new edition 2025.


New Sweden: 10 year Anniversary

Conductor: Petter Sunkvist
Sara Hammarstrom, Robert Ek, Daniel Saur, Marten Landstrom, Brusk Zanganeh, Kim Hellgren, Elemer Lavotha

A1 Per Mårtensson– Diptychon
A2 André Chini– La Princesse de Babylone
B1 Madeleine Isaksson– Isär
B2 Anders Hultqvist– Light Winter Light
C1 Johan Ullén– The Accidental Triumphs Of Pulcinella, Prince Of Everything
D1 B Tommy Andersson– The Secrets Of Eros
D2 Andrea Tarrodi– Madrigal Hommage á Barbara Strozzi
E1 Joakim Sandgren– Fluorescences Naturelles
E2 Marcus Fjellström– House Of False Things
F1 Kim Hedås– Silent Plan
F2 Lina Järnegard– Emellanåt, Stundom
G1 Anders Eliasson– Fantasia Per Sei Instrumenti
G2 Johannes Jansson– Reflections On The Self
H1 Fredrik Hedelin– Konsert För Flöjt Och Ensemble
H2 Britta Byström– Rebellion In Greenery

Label Catalogue Number: Studio Acusticum
Digital UPC:
Release Date: December 2020
Originally recorded in 2009-2019